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Singapore Satellite Positioning Reference Network

SiReNT Companion App

In this page you will be able to find out how SiReNT Companion App can help you in your daily work. Download the app for Android OS here and for Apple OS here.

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    Planned Maintenance Notification

    SiReNT Companion App allows you to receive notification messages about planned maintenance, wherever, whenever. There’s no longer a need to constantly visit our website for updates, we heard your need for constant updates on the go and we have delivered.

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    Subscription Details

    SiReNT Companion App allows you to view your latest monthly billing and subscription expiry date. You can now manage your account with ease.

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    IP and Port Disruption Management

    SiReNT Companion App allows you to receive notification messages about IP and Port availability in the event of disruption of services by telecom service providers. The app also provides alternative IPs and Ports in such events.

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    Locate Reference Stations

    SiReNT Companion App allows you to locate the nearest reference station and select them for accurate Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) usage.

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    Environment Conditions

    SiReNT Companion App also provides real time information about environment, weather and air quality conditions to help you operate safely and comfortably.

  • Click on your preferred devices OS to download SiReNT Companion App.

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Sales & General Enquiries

  • For any enquiries : Please contact us via our online feedback form.

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